Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.util

Miscellaneous utility classes and toolkits.


Class Summary
CollectingCompoundEdit A CompoundEdit that implements UndoableEditListener.
CollectionUtils Various utilities for Java collections.
EventBroadcaster A helper class for broadcasting events.
FileUtils Various utilities for files and streams.
LocaleUtils Locale-related utilities
LocalizedStringBuilder Helper class for building localized strings.
ObjectUtils Various utilities for Java objects.
PrefsUtils Various utilities for Java preferences.
StringID A immutable string ID class.
StringUtils Various utilities for strings.
ValueWrapper Wrapper objects.
ValueWrapper.BooleanWrapper Wrapper object for a settable boolean value.
ValueWrapper.IntWrapper Wrapper object for a settable int value.
ValueWrapper.ObjectWrapper Wrapper object for a settable object value.
ValueWrapper.StringWrapper Wrapper object for a settable string value.

Exception Summary
EventAbortedException This exception indicates that an event broadcast has been aborted by one of the listeners.

Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.util Description

Miscellaneous utility classes and toolkits.


This package is part of Virtuoso Utilities.



Stable library. The classes and interfaces in this package are stable, but new ones may be added at any time. Some classes are static toolkits and may have methods added at any time.



This package contains a set of miscellaneous classes and utility toolkits.