Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.swing

Swing extensions and utilities.


Class Summary
DetailedMessagePane Something like JOptionPane, but supports more complex messages.
FloatDimension This is Dimension2D.Float.
Location2D An immutable alternative to Point2D
Location2D.Double Double implementation of Location2D
Location2D.Float Float implementation of Location2D
Location2D.Int Integer implementation of Location2D
Location2D.Long Long implementation of Location2D
ModalProgressTracker An object that spawns a modal progress tracker dialog for AsyncJobs.
ProgressTrackingPane A pane that shows a progress tracker gui
ScrollablePanel A JPanel that implements Scrollable, for use in JViewports.
Size2D An immutable alternative to Dimension2D
Size2D.Double Double implementation of Size2D
Size2D.Float Float implementation of Size2D
Size2D.Int Integer implementation of Size2D
Size2D.Long Long implementation of Size2D
SizeConstrainingLayout A LayoutManager that merely constrains the size of its one child to an optional maximum and minimum
SwingUtils Various utilities for swing.

Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.swing Description

Swing extensions and utilities.


This package is part of Virtuoso Utilities.



Stable library. The classes and interfaces in this package are stable, but new ones may be added at any time.



This package provides a set of utility classes and extensions to the AWT and Swing libraries.