Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.plugin

Plugin mechanism and interfaces.


Interface Summary
APIProvider An API provider.
Framework A plugin framework.
FrameworkProgressListener Listener that is notified of progress of a Framework operation.
PluginInfo Plugin meta-information.
PluginInitializer The interface that plugins must implement to perform initialization.
PluginLinker An interface that represents a plugin's view of the rest of the world.

Class Summary
APIVersion Version number of an API and API implementation.
BasicPluginInitializer Basic implementation of PluginInitializer
EditablePluginInfo Editable implementation of PluginInfo.
FrameworkProgressEvent Base class for Framework progress reporting events.
PluginDroppedEvent Plugin dropped because it is a duplicate or it is suppressed.
PluginID Plugin identifier.
PluginInfoParser Something that can parse XML into PluginInfo objects
PluginInitFinishedEvent Plugin initialization finished.
PluginInitStartedEvent Plugin initialization started.
SimpleFramework A simple implementation of Framework.
SimplePluginInfo Simple uneditable implementation of PluginInfo.

Exception Summary
APIDefunctException A call was made to an API that is defunct.
APINotAvailableException Operation requires an API that isn't available
DuplicateAPIException Tried to register a duplicate API version.
DuplicatePluginException Tried to plug a duplicate plugin ID.
IllegalPluginInfoException Illegal operation done on a PluginInfo.
PluginException Base exception for plugin/API errors.
PluginInitializerException Unable to initialize plugin or provide a requested API.
PluginSuppressedException A plugin was suppressed

Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.plugin Description

Plugin mechanism and interfaces.


This package is part of Virtuoso Utilities.






This package provides the interfaces and core implementation of the plugin mechanism. This not only facilitates the writing of applications that may have plugins, but also forms a basic architecture for the application development itself. In general, the plugin mechanism defines a language for components to describe the capabilities they provide, and to express their dependencies on capabilities provided by other components.

A usage primer is forthcoming.