Interface ModifiablePropertySet

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AbstractCommandNode, BasicModifiablePropertySet

public interface ModifiablePropertySet
extends PropertySet

A PropertySet with mutation methods. Most applications can use the BasicModifiablePropertySet implementation.

This interface itself does not specify thread-safety semantics. The particular implementation or use in a larger interface should specify this. For example, standalone PropertySets may be fully synchronized and thread-safe. PropertySets related to AWT or Swing objects may require that all interaction be done on the AWT event thread.

Method Summary
 void putValue(ConstrainedKey key, Object value)
          Set a property.
 void resetValue(ConstrainedKey key)
          Reset a property to the default.
Methods inherited from interface com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.container.PropertySet
addPropertySetListener, getDefaultValue, getValue, removePropertySetListener

Method Detail


public void putValue(ConstrainedKey key,
                     Object value)
Set a property.

key - key object for the property.
value - new value for the property.


public void resetValue(ConstrainedKey key)
Reset a property to the default. Sets it to null if there is no default.

key - key object for the property