Class SearchFieldPredicateSemantics.DefaultImplementation

  extended bycom.virtuosotechnologies.asaph.model.opsemantics.SearchFieldPredicateSemantics.DefaultImplementation
All Implemented Interfaces:
PredicateSemantics, SearchFieldPredicateSemantics, SongOperation
Enclosing class:

public static class SearchFieldPredicateSemantics.DefaultImplementation
extends Object
implements SearchFieldPredicateSemantics

The default implementation of TruePredicateSemantics

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class com.virtuosotechnologies.asaph.model.opsemantics.SearchFieldPredicateSemantics
Constructor Summary
SearchFieldPredicateSemantics.DefaultImplementation(String fieldName, SearchParameters params)
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object obj)
          The equals method should return true if the given object is a SongOperation with the same semantics as this one.
 String getFieldName()
          Get the name of the field to search
 SearchParameters getSearchParameters()
          Get the search parameters
 void perform(SongIDResultSet resultSet)
          Performs the operation on the given result set.
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Constructor Detail


public SearchFieldPredicateSemantics.DefaultImplementation(String fieldName,
                                                           SearchParameters params)

Method Detail


public String getFieldName()
Get the name of the field to search

Specified by:
getFieldName in interface SearchFieldPredicateSemantics


public SearchParameters getSearchParameters()
Get the search parameters

Specified by:
getSearchParameters in interface SearchFieldPredicateSemantics


public void perform(SongIDResultSet resultSet)
             throws SongDatabaseFailedException
Performs the operation on the given result set.

Specified by:
perform in interface SongOperation
resultSet - the SongIDResultSet
SongDatabaseFailedException - Catch-all exception for database-related problems. This will often have a cause exception, which may be exceptions like IOException or SQLException.


public boolean equals(Object obj)
The equals method should return true if the given object is a SongOperation with the same semantics as this one. (i.e. it would perform the same operation.) This may be used to optimize performance. It is always safe to return false from this method, if the semantics of the given object cannot be determined. (This is similar to the equals method in java.util.Comparator.) As a corollary, it is safe just to fall back on the default implementation inherited from java.lang.Object.

Specified by:
equals in interface SongOperation
obj - object to test
true if the object is equal