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public interface PredicateFilterSemantics
extends SongOperation

An opsemantics that runs a PredicateSemantics and filters on Boolean.TRUE. Note that this does not extend ValueFilterSemantics because it does not follow the contract of ValueFilterSemantics, which states that the values are already present in the original result set. Instead, this copies the result set, runs the given PredicateSemantics, and then filters the original result set according to the result values in the copy. Note that as a result, any values in the original resultset remain untouched.

Nested Class Summary
static class PredicateFilterSemantics.DefaultImplementation
          The default implementation of PredicateFilterSemantics
Method Summary
 PredicateSemantics getPredicate()
          Get the predicate.
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public PredicateSemantics getPredicate()
Get the predicate.