Package com.virtuosotechnologies.asaph.maingui

Main Asaph window.


Interface Summary
CommandManager The command manager API exported by the maingui plugin.
DatabaseConnector This interface is implemented by plugins that know how to connect to a database identified by a DatabaseIdentifier
DatabaseController An interface for a database connection to use to monitor the status of a database and provide changes to attributes when appropriate.
DatabaseHandler Implement this interface to handle events related to an opened database
DatabaseIdentifier An identifier for a SongDatabase.
DatabaseListener Database change listener
DatabaseManager The song database manager API exported by the maingui plugin.
GuiEnvironmentManager A miscellaneous API exported by the maingui plugin.
ListUpdateManager The list update manager API exported by the maingui plugin.
PaneManager The pane manager API exported by the maingui plugin.
PrefsWindowManager The preferences window manager API exported by the maingui plugin.
SelectionListener Selection change listener
SelectionManager The selection manager API exported by the maingui plugin

Class Summary
CommandManager.CommandCategory A category for commands, specifying where in the menus the command will appear, as well as additional behaviors involving appearance and enabling.
DatabaseEvent A database has changed state
DatabaseSelectionEvent The selection in the database list has changed.
MainGuiPlugin Implementation of main gui.
SongSelectionEvent The selection in the song list has changed.

Exception Summary
DuplicateConnectorException Connector name already exists
UnrecognizedDatabaseIdentifierException A DatabaseConnector didn't recognize a DatabaseIdentifier

Package com.virtuosotechnologies.asaph.maingui Description

Main Asaph window.








This package implements the main window, including the database list, song list, main menus and MDI desktop. It provides a large number of APIs for other plugins to use to interact with the GUI.