Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.error

Error reporting utilities.


Interface Summary
AWTErrorListener Listener for AWT thread exceptions
ExceptionFormatter Interface for objects that format exceptions as string messages.
UserMessageGenerator Interface for generators of user messages for specific exception types.

Class Summary
AWTErrorEvent A RuntimeException or Error was thrown on the AWT thread
AWTErrorManager Tool that handles error reporting on the AWT thread
AWTErrorManager.Impl Error reporter implementation.
DefaultUserMessageGenerator Default implementation of UserMessageGenerator.
ExceptionUtils Various utilities for Java exceptions.
SimpleExceptionFormatter Simple exception formatter.
SimpleUserMessageGenerator Simple implementation of UserMessageGenerator.
StackTraceExceptionFormatter Exception formatter that creates full stack traces.
UserMessageExceptionFormatter Exception formatter that generates user-interpretable messages.

Package com.virtuosotechnologies.lib.error Description

Error reporting utilities.


This package is part of Virtuoso Utilities.



Stable library. The classes and interfaces in this package are stable, but new ones may be added at any time. Some classes are static toolkits and may have methods added at any time.



This package provides interfaces and tools for error reporting.