Interface Variation

All Superinterfaces:
FieldContainer, SongMember

public interface Variation
extends SongMember, FieldContainer

A variation on the verses for a song. Variations handle alternate versions that have extra verses or missing verses.

Field Summary
static String NAME_FIELD
          Name of variation name field.
Method Summary
 String getSerializableID()
          Get a string ID that can be used to serialize references to this Variation.
Methods inherited from interface com.virtuosotechnologies.asaph.model.SongMember
getSong, isDefunct
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addBinaryField, addBinaryListField, addStringField, addStringListField, getFieldCount, getNamedField, getNextField, getNthField, getPreviousField, removeField

Field Detail


public static final String NAME_FIELD
Name of variation name field. Value is a StringField.

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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


public String getSerializableID()
Get a string ID that can be used to serialize references to this Variation. The ID is guaranteed to be unique among Variations within the owning Song, and will remain the same for the same Variation across different executions of the tool. However, two Variations from different Songs may have the same string ID, and the same string ID may be shared between SongBlocks, Variations and ChordSets within the same Song.

a unique serializable String ID for this Variation